Herbal Apothecary – Planning Pages for Herbalists PLR Package


New PLR coloring planner pages just released – herbal apothecary. 16 fun, unique planning pages for herbalists. This package is perfect if you market to herbalists, and more. Use it to add to your planners, journals, and more. Comes with full commercial use.

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Journals, planners, coloring books, and other low-content printables sell like hotcakes and it’s an easy market to jump into… if you know the “easy” way.

And in this case, easy means utilizing PLR content. PLR content is a great shortcut that saves both time and money because all the hard work has been done for you.

Check out the Herbal Apothecary package now

There are 16 unique pages in this package:

1. Herbal Apothecary
2. Materia Medica – Page 1
3. Materia Medica – Page 2
4. Materia Medica – Page 3
5. Herbal Inventory
6. 9 Powerful Herbs
7. Tinctures
8. Decoctions & Infusions
9. Oils
10. Salves
11. Cordials
12. Liniments
13. Powders
14. Drying, Storage, and Basic Formulation
15. Herb Garden Brainstorming
16. Herbal Client Profile

But what makes these pages even more unique and fun is that they are colorable too!


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