Holy Royalties Coloring


Bible Verse Coloring Books are very popular coloring books that people are already buying, and you can easily create them with this Step-by-Step Video Course from Andreas Quintana.

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Bible Verse Coloring Books Sell Like Crazy.

Andreas Quintana created a step-by-step video course, showing you how to create, publish and promote these types of coloring books the EASY way.

Bible verse coloring books are very popular coloring books that people are already buying, and you can easily create them.

This niche is very easy to get into and has a huge potential to level up your profits for beginners and experts alike.

Easter is just around the corner. It’s a beautiful holiday in the Christian faith. And for many it’s a special time of self-reflection and it is the perfect time to teach children about grace, forgiveness, gratitude and about Bible stories.

What Will You Learn In This Video Course:

  • How to find the best possible images that are likely to sell.
  • The most straight-forward way to find the right keywords to target for your books.
  • How to write a successful title and description that will help you sell more.
  • How to create your Bible verse coloring books without spending a dime!
  • The most effective way to market your brand-new books.
    …. And much more!

For kids and even for adults who are looking for something relaxing to enjoy, Bible Verses & Psalms are the perfect topic for fun and engaging activities for the whole family!

In fact, every day parents are looking for engaging activities to do with their kids. And what better way for them to learn about history and the Bible, than with a fun coloring book?

Front End:  The main course contains 8 step-by-step videos showing your customers how to create, sell & promote bible verse coloring books.

OTO 1: The fist upsell consists of a series of ready-to-sell templates that customers can use in their projects.

OTO 2: The second upsell is a monthly done-for-you template pack subscription with 25 editable templates with PLR!

You will absolutely LOVE this brand new way of making money from coloring books. It’s a super hot niche and the books are super easy to create! The whole method is detailed in Andreas’s Holy Coloring Royalties step-by-step video course.


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